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Story: Maximus is a very happy outgoing boy. He loves anything that has wheels! He loves to be outside jumping on his trampoline or driving his power wheels. Most kids his age are riding a bike but unfortunately for Max, we have not mastered that skill yet. I can't wait to see him riding his new bike outside. This has been one of our goals for his therapy treatments. We have not found a bike yet that Maximus can maneuver without falling over. We tried a balance bike, but he cannot hold the bike up one-handed. We also have tried a traditional tricycle, but again, he cannot steer one-handed.

Quote: "Max can't wait to have three wheels to ride outside on!"

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At Adaptive Sports Connection we want every child who could benefit from an adaptive bike to be able to make their dream of owning one come true. That is why we come alongside families to help them raise the funds they need. 



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