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Leila J.'s Fundraising Page

We adopted Leila from China in 2015 and found her to be non-verbal, suffering from malnutrition, having Global Developmental Delays, and severe autism. She is an absolutely tender-hearted soul who loves movement and being outside.  This bike would allow us to take Leila on rides to better understand and appreciate the world around her.  This bike will allow her to engage in an activity that would otherwise be impossible for her.  When she was younger, Leila loved to ride in a bike trailer attached to one of our bicycles, or a "toddler" 3 wheel bike with a handle for us to push her on.  

Therapy goals: For Leila to gain a better understanding of the world around us by traveling by bike outside; to have Leila gain confidence on a bike, to have Leila develop better motor skills; to have Leila get some healthy exercise; to allow our whole family enjoys bike rides together.

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At Adaptive Sports Connection we want every child who could benefit from an adaptive bike to be able to make their dream of owning one come true. That is why we come alongside families to help them raise the funds they need. 



Name Date Amount Comments
LeAnne and Charles Jaeger 05/20/2022 $100.00 Love that girl!
Angie Snyder 05/20/2022 $50.00 Happy to help her with some new wheels. ❤️
Emily Conley 05/19/2022 $100.00 Can't wait to see Leila riding around the bike trail.
Amy Bartholomew 05/19/2022 $25.00  
Gabrielle Zysik 05/19/2022 $20.00 Love you Leila! Can’t wait to see you on your new bike.
Evan Conley 05/19/2022 $50.00  
Jim and Grace Farley 05/19/2022 $75.00 Cant wait to see you on your bike Leila! We love you!
Darnell Clark 05/19/2022 $20.00  
Leanne Robinett 05/19/2022 $20.00 Leila is the sweetest! ?
Courtney Buerman 05/19/2022 $10.00  
Jess Menke 05/19/2022 $20.00 Love you guys so so much!!!! Let’s get her that bike??
Carolyn Walton 05/19/2022 $25.00  
Jason Comer 05/19/2022 $100.00  
Amber Volschow 05/19/2022 $20.00  
Regan Holmes 05/19/2022 $25.00 GO LEILA!!
Carrie Vitale 05/19/2022 $25.00 Love her! Love this idea!
Kari Newsome 05/19/2022 $100.00 Can’t wait to see Leila on her new bike!
Sarah Badger 05/19/2022 $50.00 ❤️
Julie Onnen 05/19/2022 $20.00  
Brenda Ambrose 05/19/2022 $50.00 Can’t wait to see pics of her on her bike! May God continue to bless her & your family. ?The Ambrose Family
Diann Toffler 05/19/2022 $20.00  
Carly Andenoro 05/19/2022 $100.00  
Julie Weatherhead 05/19/2022 $50.00 Go Leila, GO!
Lisa Bernheisel 05/19/2022 $100.00  
Jolene Kelly 05/19/2022 $40.00  
Abbie Johnson 05/19/2022 $50.00  
Katie Crider 05/19/2022 $50.00 Excited to see your new wheels!! Vroom vroom!
Sam Jaeger 05/18/2022 $50.00  
Sara Johnson 05/18/2022 $100.00  
  Total $1,465.00  
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