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Joshua likes to be on the move- he is joyful and laughs often! His body is often in motion! He giggles at silly things and likes to be with others. He likes animals, outer space, and storms, and being outdoors is a happy place for him. He likes to explore and investigate how things work.

He shows interest in riding a tricycle, however he struggles with motor skills, core strength and balance to maneuver a tricycle. We hope an adaptive bike will help our little one continue his love for movement and have his world opened up with the joy of riding a bike and all the places that bike will take him!

ABOUT Boundless Bike Giveaway

At Adaptive Sports Connection we want every child who could benefit from an adaptive bike to be able to make their dream of owning one come true. That is why we come alongside families to help them raise the funds they need. 



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