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In the spring Joshua expressed that he wanted a blue bike with a red helmet. He also had bike colors picked out for his sisters as well as his mom and dad. He loves being outside and doing things with his family. Joshua loves Spiderman, swimming, nerf, and basketball.

ABOUT Boundless Bike Giveaway

At Adaptive Sports Connection we want every child who could benefit from an adaptive bike to be able to make their dream of owning one come true. That is why we come alongside families to help them raise the funds they need. 



Name Date Amount Comments
Division 10-E Kiwanis 09/21/2023 $500.00 Our Division 10-E Kiwanians, including Granville, set aside this money several years ago for exactly this reason but we did not have an appropriate place to donate it until now. Enjoy and visit a Kiwanis meeting or Aktion Club meeting to let us know how much fun you're having! --Cliff & Lt. Gov. Sally (Granville)
Namcy Mamgini 07/29/2023 $50.00 Go Joshua, enjoy your ride!
Betsy Sargent 07/26/2023 $300.00  
Sue Dejonge 07/25/2023 $100.00  
Sue Dejonge 07/25/2023 $900.00  
Morgan Traylor 07/25/2023 $25.00  
Shelby Sury 07/25/2023 $50.00  
  Total $1,925.00  
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